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Jack Sawyer, AIA, LEED AP

Jack Sawyer, AIA, LEED AP

Principal, Architect | EskewDumezRipple


There is No Perfect Set of Plans - Who Pays?

Since joining the firm in 2005, Jack Sawyer has worked on projects for EskewDumezRipple on multiple scales, diverse timelines, and widely-varied budgets. His ability to adapt to the individual needs of a project and the specific goals of a client has been of significant value to our ever-growing practice.

His work on the 930 Poydras Residential Tower and the subsequent small-scale ground floor restaurants has resulted in a highly successful overall development that has reinvigorated the surrounding neighborhood. As a LEED Accredited Professional, his expertise has been key to several projects with high sustainability and energy conservation metrics. His work on the Dalney Building at Georgia Tech, a nexus of green infrastructure embedded in the fabric of an urban college campus, targeted high sustainability goals outside of the LEED framework, pursuing WELL Building and Parksmart certification.

With an ever-consistent eye on budgets, deadlines, and regulatory approvals, Jack continues to push the creative envelope on each project he approaches and still handles project pressures with ease. Named an Associate in the practice in 2010, a Senior Associate in 2014, and a Principal in 2020, he also serves in an ongoing mentor role for many intern architects across the studio.

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