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Joseph Caldarera

Joseph Caldarera

President, Chief Executive Officer | J. Caldarera & Company, Inc.


There is No Perfect Set of Plans - Who Pays?

  • CEO and President of J. Caldarera & Company, Inc., a Professional General Contractor/Design Build & Construction Management Firm specializing in Complex Construction Projects, Surety Completion Work, Historic Restoration & Forensic Investigative Construction/Demolition Work, Highway/Bridge/Site Construction – 45 years as CEO/President;

  • Specialized professional expertise in building construction, geotechnical/deep foundations, concrete foundations, earthwork, wood design and wood finishes;

  • Graduate from Louisiana State University in 1977 – Construction Technology, Construction Management/Engineering;

  • Licensed in Louisiana & Mississippi. Licensed in Building Construction, Highway, Street and Bridge Construction, Heavy Construction, Municipal and Public Works Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, and Construction Management; accepted in Tennessee;

  • Provides consultation and litigation support in Construction Management, Estimation, Scheduling, Project Management; including forensic evaluations and schedule analyses related to construction projects and delay claims, including project delays in completion, cause and origin of claims related to Builder’s Risk and Property insurance; estimation of damages/construction defects; Certified Thermographer; Moisture intrusion expert; Licensed insurance adjuster, insurance appraiser; Mediator, Arbitrator and Project Neutral;

  • Qualified as expert in construction means, methods, techniques, procedures and sequencing; scheduling and estimation, insurance adjustment, building envelope/building sciences, and roofing/water intrusion; concrete, sitework and general building construction; Construction Manager for major sureties on Completion projects;

  • Certified by the AACE International as Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP); Certified Estimator;

  • Speaker at ABA National Surety/Fidelity Conferences; Speaker AICPA National Conferences; Owners and Developers Conferences; Legal Aid Bureau; AGC – Claims documentation and prosecution, Application/Interpretation of AIA A201 General Conditions; Moderator/Faculty Professor Louisiana Public Bid Law, Scheduling, Project Management, Builders Risk Claims Handling, Preparation, and Policy Requirements, and Construction Documentation/Tools Seminars;

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