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Lauren R. Gibbs, LEED AP

Lauren R. Gibbs, LEED AP

Chief Executive Officer | Gibbs Construction


The Rise of Delegated Design and What it Means to You

Lauren Gibbs is the second-generation owner and CEO of Gibbs Construction. A daughter of company founder Lawrence C. Gibbs, she took the helm in July 2019.

Lauren came to Gibbs in 2011 after starting her career in Nashville, where she earned both a bachelor’s in civil engineering and a master’s of engineering/construction management from Vanderbilt University, and worked in project management for American Constructors. She also has an MBA from the University of New Orleans.

At Gibbs, Lauren has served as an estimator, project coordinator, project engineer, project manager, and executive in charge, and was named a vice president in October 2017.

Lauren is gifted with innate organizational skills which are complimented by her ability to quickly and clearly perceive the basic components of complex topics. She is a leader and collaborator with the insight and experience to elevate the team. Energetic, enthusiastic, bold and aggressive, Lauren has the ability to see the big picture while also handling minute details very well. She is tenacious, digging into details, and diving deeper than most. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, both from the technical aspect and the task completion aspect, driving toward the resolution of issues and problems and pushing for completion.

Her very affable style of authentic, genuine communication is a boon to Gibbs Construction, its projects and its people, adding to the team-building necessary among the players.

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